Emotive Amplify ensures our clients’ video content gets the audience it was made for.

As with our Create strategy, everything starts and ends with the audience. Once we thoroughly understand your target audience and goals, we build a bespoke amplification program for every brief.

Combining a range of best practice audience development tools, deep knowledge of the platforms, years of social video and influencer experience, and a meticulous process  – we’ll ensure your content reaches the most receptive and relevant audience possible.

Emotive have company-wide certification from YouTube in Audience Growth. Key to the Emotive model is having YouTube as a distribution partner for video content.

Audience Development Tools

Emotive have a strategic partnership with HYPR, the world’s largest and smartest Influencer search and discovery directory. HYPR provides real-time analytics for over 10 million social Influencers across major social platforms. It’s the only platform capable of indexing over one billion social media accounts, utilising over 35 databases including publicly available information from social networks, public databases, name databases, image recognition technology and natural language processing.

Through HYPR, Emotive can provide actionable data analytics and insights for brands through influencer identification, audience analysis, relative influence analysis and campaign tracking.


Platform Strategy
Agnostic Influencer Activation
Hyper-targeted Boosted Distribution
Analytics & Reporting
Continuous Optimisation