The Duplass Brothers

Duplass Brothers Productions is an American independent film production company founded by Mark and Jay Duplass. The two brothers are film directors, actors, producers and screenwriters who are currently lauded as Hollywood’s hottest creative duo.

Optus have teamed up with The Duplass Brothers to create a series of online short films for Cash by Optus.

The story starts just after midnight. Mark and Jay are in bed and only have a few hours left to create their advert for Cash by Optus, due the next morning. Over three episodes we follow their creative process as they try and come up with an idea of how to advertise Optus’ new financial product – even though they have no idea what the product is or who Optus really are. Check out the three part story below:

 Part 1: The Jingle

 Part 2: The Brainstorm

Part 3: Signs

Video Credits

Creative Agency: Emotive

Creative Director / Executive Producer – Charlie Leahy

Production company: Duplass Brothers Productions

Directors – Mark & Jay Duplass

Producer – Xan Aranda

Writers  – The Duplass Brothers with Charlie Leahy

Optus – Nigel Lopez-McBean & Jo Ward