Four Seasons Condoms #AreYouComing

The Objective.

  • Promote a safe sex message around Mardi Gras (March in Sydney)
  • Use that message to position Four Seasons Naked Condoms as the ‘condom of choice’ – driving brand awareness and usage
  • Drive owned asset engagement

What We Did.

To celebrate Four Seasons Naked Condoms and safe sex at Mardi Gras, Emotive developed the idea, #AreYouComing: a two minute content piece in which ordinary people re-create their orgasm face on camera with the Naked Condoms brand message at the end – an idea created to both entertain and inform audiences.
Emotive were able to offer Four Seasons Condoms an end-to-end solution – from ideation, content creation, right through to distribution and amplification.

Content Creation.

    • We filmed members of the gay community and general public re-creating their orgasm face on camera – inspired by the famous scene from the movie ‘When Harry Met Sally’ and the more recent success of the ‘First Kiss’ video
    • Shot in black & white against a plain white background with a brand message to appear at the end of the video
    • The piece was edited into a two minute video with a montage effect of all the ‘orgasms’ cut together, including pre and post-climax moments from the talent to add comedy and reality elements to the video
    • See final content piece below:

  • Now the content piece was created, the next step was to distribute and amplify it to the right audience

Audience Amplification.

  • Search-optimised uploads to Four Seasons’ YouTube channel and Facebook page
  • Four Seasons’ YouTube channel re-worked for maximum discoverability
  • Social Influencers identified and activated
  • Boosted Facebook posts to highly targeted audiences
  • Boosted YouTube video through targeted TrueView with Tubular Labs data overlaid
  • Radio spots across the KIIS network
  • Extensive trade and consumer PR targets

The Results.

  • The on-air campaign for Four Seasons Condoms reached 310,000 people 18+ in Sydney on KIIS 1065 (Survey #1, 2015, GFK)
  • Unique reach (people exposed) – 600K
  • Video views – 235K
  • Engagement (social actions) – over 3.5K
  • The campaign received extensive Trade and Consumer PR coverage when the content launched and throughout the weekend of Mardi Gras