Emotive developed a social video content campaign for Revlon’s 24hour ColorStay Foundation. The campaign is titled #GoSlay with ColorStay™ and features Australian actress and rising star, Isabelle Cornish.

This #GoSlay with ColorStay™ platform was born from a desire to inspire and empower woman to make the most of every day by doing what they love and doing it well.

Aimed at connecting with millennials and conveying the fast paced 24-hour lifestyle they lead, a key objective of the video was to connect with their core target in a social, relatable and engaging way.

A week before campaign launch, a sneak peek trailer was seeded out on Isabelle and Revlon’s social platforms.

In the hero video, Revlon challenges Isabelle Cornish to put the ColorStay 24hour long wear foundation to the test and hit the streets of New York City. We see Isabelle combing the vibrant streets as she attempts to seek out and photograph the women who were slaying it in their own way. The catch? Unbeknown to Isabelle, her photos were put up on the big screen in Times Square.

The campaign was amplified out across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat and Twitter via both Revlon and Isabelle’s channels.

Video Credits:
Client: Kaitlin Rady & Marisa Laria, Revlon
Creative & Production Agency: Emotive
Digital Amplification: Emotive
Creative Director: Andrew Cameron
Senior Producer: Lee-Ann Hyman
Local New York Producer: Tim Duffy
DOP: Evan Papageorgiou
Photographer: Lynda Churilla
Editor: Uthayan Selvaraj
Activations Director: Sarah Clifton