The Meatball Sub at Subway is the classic Subway flavour. Emotive were charged with driving re-appraisal of the Meatball Sub by bringing to life the key brand territory ‘craveability’ in a socially engaging way.

 Our creative approach was to harness one of the country’s most popular influencers to create ‘passion point’ social video content that brings to lie the Meatball Sub ‘craveability’ in an entertaining and authentic way.

Using Emotive’s agnostic influencer identification approach, we identified YouTube Prankster Whealth by Slaiman as the chosen influencer. Whealth By Slaiman is a YouTube prank channel with a difference. Adopting a positive attitude to life and health, while Slaiman’s pranks may irriate the victims in the moment, it’s all done with positivity and happy outcomes. With a large presence across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Whealth by Slaiman has a social reach of over 1 million subscribers.

Subway challenged Whealth by Slaiman to pull off eight classic style pranks in a day. Kicking off the challenge when he is already starting to get hungry, Slaiman must carry out 8 pranks before he gets to enjoy his own l foot-long Meatball Sub. However, if a prank is unsuccessful, his victim gets to each a meatball sub in front of him.

Slaiman posted a teaser video a week earlier to build anticipation among his audience for what they could expect.

 Check out the final video below: