Xero wanted to address the burden that many small businesses have to deal with: the piles of paper receipts and invoices that often fill desks, back offices, and shoeboxes.

The campaign, created by Emotive in collaboration with Xero entitled ‘Xerogami’ was designed to turn paper receipts and invoices into objects of beauty, just like how Xero has made accounting beautiful.

Tapping into the combined power of the APN’s assets, the Xerogami campaign saw Emotive join forces with Adshel and ARN to create a truly integrated strategy for Xero across online video, radio and OOH that aimed to entertain, educate and engage the core Xero audience.

Hero video content created by Emotive speaks directly to the target audience by emphasising the autonomy, power and freedom Xero affords small business owners.

Campaign Credits:

Xero: Creative

Shane Hurt – Design Lead
Clare Ralston – Producer
David Brand – Copywriter
Steve Benn – Designer
Ben Erskine – Partner Marketing Manager
James O’Connell-Cooper – Direct Marketing Manager
Ross Purdy – Project Manager

Emotive: Creative & Production lead

Mark Harris – Agency Creative Director
Hayley-Ritz Pelling – Agency Producer
Andy Sinn – Content Strategy
Simon Robson – Creative Director
Kyra Bartley – Director
Jacqui Hudson – Lead Paper Artist

Outdoor: Adshel

Radio: ARN

PR: Sling & Stone